Tips for Creating Effective Vacation Rental & Timeshare Listings

It’s no secret that the internet is a great place to advertise your vacation rental or timeshare listings. But how do you make sure that your listing gets people to rent or buy your vacation property? Here are 6 tips for creating listings that work!
  1. Detailed Descriptions – Use colorful and expressive words to describe your vacation rental property and the wonderful time people have when they stay there. Play up all the great things that make your property a great place to stay, but don’t over-exaggerate or misrepresent it. Remember, in the online world, bad reviews can travel fast and have long-term effects for future rentals.
  2. Lovely Locations – Give more than just a city and state for the location of your vacation rental property. Is it 2 blocks from the beach, less than a mile from golf courses or within walking distance to shopping and restaurants? Is it located in a trendy district or exclusive resort area? Giving these added details can make a big difference for people when planning their vacation destination.
  3. Perfect Pictures – There is probably nothing better than great images to help people see themselves at your timeshare or vacation rental. Post as many images as you can to showcase not only the property itself, but also the beautiful views. Make sure you take seasonal pictures as well. People won’t think of skiing if your pictures show green, grassy slopes or think of laying in the sun if your beach pictures are taken on a rainy day.
  4. Amazing Amenities – Make sure to list all the amenities your vacation property offers. Give details about how many people can comfortably be accommodated, if pets are welcome, or if you have features like a sauna or whirlpool. Let people know what basic services and facilities are provided, for example: linens, kitchen facilities, gym, or laundry. The better you can describe the amenities; the better prepared your vacationers will be for a great stay without frustrating surprises.
  5. Pricing & Payment Terms – List all your pricing and payment information up front. If you only rent by the week or month, let people know. Be sure to highlight any discounts or special offers when they apply. Also, clearly state your payment terms and methods of payment accepted. Remember, there are people looking for every price range of vacation rental, but no one likes surprises in the costs.
  6. Enticing Entertainment & Recreation– Include information about nearby entertainment options for dining, museums, and night life, as well as recreational activities like golfing, skiing, sailing, hiking, or shopping. Let people know about all the fun and interesting things there are to do during their vacation.