What to Bring With You When You Rent A Vacation Condo or Timeshare

You’re ready to escape the mundane routine of everyday life and finally relax. You’re looking forward to no pressure, deadlines, or projects. The vacation property is rented for a week long escape from reality. Everything is situated and you’re a week away from leaving. You’ve chosen what you’re going to wear while you’re away and you know what toiletries to bring. Yet have you thought about the extra necessities you need when renting a house or condo? Some rentals will come with everything you require and all you will need to bring is yourself, your clothing, and your sense of adventure. Others will be rustic in that you need to bring a few extras. Before traveling, check to make sure whether you need to bring anything additional to survive the week.

The first thing to remember is to check whether or not you need to bring your own bedding. Many rental cottages supply the beds but not the bedding. Make sure you know which size bed you will be using and bring sheets and blankets if need be. Make sure you take your own pillows as well. Rental cabins are not like hotels; they don’t regularly come equipped with a maid service. They are most often at the discretion of the renters and the owner which is usually stated in the rental agreement.  

The next thing to remember is extra kitchen supplies. Many rentals will have basic necessities, but will not stock other kitchen utensils (again check with the owner beforehand). For example, bring a sharp knife, a corkscrew, colander, crock-pot, or other item you feel you may need. Also, plan on buying groceries once you are there; however if you are driving you may be able to bring the dry goods and purchase the perishables once you get there. Bring containers for leftovers if you plan on cooking and aluminum foil if you plan on barbequing.

If you have a fireplace in your rental cabin, check to see whether firewood is provided. If not, and you plan on having fires, make sure you bring your own. Bring kindling, matches, and logs to burn for as many nights as you plan on being at your cabin. If you don’t have room or if you’re flying, plan on buying it once you’re in town.

Bring toilet paper and paper towels. Though many rental cabins provide these as basics, they are usually the least expensive kinds and people tend to be particular regarding the type they use. If you’re staying for a week, bring at least a roll of each.

How much do you enjoy your coffee or tea? Most rental properties will provide a coffee maker but not the filters, coffee grounds or tea. Make sure you bring your own if you can’t live without your daily fix.

If you plan on having a few relaxing nights or rainy days, plan on bringing board games, a deck of cards, books, movies (check on TV availability), or other hobby items. Make sure you bring games that don’t require a lot of space or set-up. If you are looking to be outside in the sunshine without spending money, bring along a football, baseball and baseball gloves, croquet, Frisbee, or other outside games.       

The most important thing is to check with your agent or the rental owners before packing to know what is provided and what isn’t. Once you have secured that information, you’ll be able to pack much more efficiently. Remember, life is a journey, not just a destination. If you bring everything you need, you’ll enjoy the journey that much more.

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