Protecting Your Home

The idea of owning a summer home by the lake, a cabin in the woods, or a winter home down south has slowly ingrained itself into the traditional American dream.  An aging Baby Boomer generation and a long period of low interest rates have been the primary factors in making a second home both affordable and desirable.  More and more people are making it a reality.

Along with owning a second home comes a great deal of worries about maintaining two homes, security when you’re not there and what do you do when something happens to the property when you’re away.

According to an FBI report in 2001, on average a burglar enters a U.S. home every 14 seconds.  According to the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction, damage from frozen water pipes alone has caused more than $4 billion in damages in the past decade.  A large majority of these homes and cabins are second homes, where the owner leaves it unoccupied for weeks or months at a time.  Damages from burst pipes have propelled the problem into the top ten of insurance claims.

So, what tools are you using to protect your home, or vacation property while you're away?  The number one product for protecting an unoccupied home is the FreezeAlarm™.  It's low cost, installs in seconds and doesn't require a monthly monitoring fee.  It's manufactured by Protected Home.  See

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