Security For Your Home

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Home security tips:

  • Install heavy-duty dead-bolts on all doors. Put lock-bars on any sliding doors.
  • Install ONLY solid core doors for all exterior doors – even the one to an attached garage.
  • Shut all shades and blinds. Thieves won’t steal what they can’t see.
  • Keep shrubbery low so windows can easily be seen from a distance. If someone does happen by your home, they can more easily identify if an intruder is present.
  • Install motion sensor lights inside and around the exterior of your house (and boat house if applicable). Even if someone does get inside, they are not expecting a light to turn on once they are inside.
  • Put in timed lights inside your home. Many timer lights offer random on/off frequency so lights can turn on at different times of day each day of the week.
  • Put up security signs and decals in windows that indicate you have a security system installed.
  • Put up a fake security camera. This is the inexpensive route, but it is often all that is necessary to keep the amateurs out of your home. Coupled with a motion sensor light, this is a great deterrent.
  • Inform neighbors of your absence and give them numbers where you can easily be reached.
  • Don’t leave alcohol at your lake home. It’s the biggest thing kids want when they break in. I’ve even heard of people putting up a sign that says, “No alcohol inside” to help keep the kids out.
  • Never leave firearms in a vacation property. This is harder to do at a primary residence. If you do have firearms at a home, it is preferable to trigger lock and hide the firearms than keep them in a locked gun cabinet. Some locked gun cabinets, however are extremely hard to move and can’t be broken into easily. Those are a good solution as well.
  • Keep the lawn mowed, the flowers watered, the driveway plowed and sidewalks shoveled. Anything to show that people are here and often will help keep away the most likely of intruders. Having a service or a neighbor kid do this is an excellent way to accomplish this task.