Security Systems

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Security Systems come in primarily three types:

Passive Systems

Passive systems that simply turn on lights or a siren when an intruder is detected.  These are designed to scare off an intruder by using lights and sounds.  Door or window alarms that sound a siren when it is opened are good examples of this.  There are also motion sensors that can sound an alarm.  A great web site for low cost passive security products is  Protected Home manufactures everything from security yard signs to motion lights.  Their security products are low cost and install in seconds.

Active Systems - without professional monitoring - no monthly fees

Active systems without professional monitoring.  These systems actively monitor security at the home or business and automatically dial out to numbers of one or more people using your existing telephone lines to alert of an intruder.  Protected Home offers a broad line of active security products and systems that are low cost, install in seconds and require no monthly monitoring fees or contracts.  See

Active Systems - professionally monitored

Active systems with professional monitoring.  These systems call a professional monitoring service that then contacts the local authorities about the specific problem.  These systems are ususally offered by security companies that install and monitor the system for you.  You either lease or purchase the security system and components and then sign a contract for usually 3 years, although some companies have shorter contracts.  Often, the security companies have lots of different security sensors and sensor options to add to your system that can increase the cost dramatically.  These systems are best suited for larger homes that have many rooms, exterior doors and usually a lot of expensive stuff that thieves want.