Freeze Alarms to Prevent Frozen Pipes

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According to the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction, damage from frozen water pipes alone has caused more than $4 billion in damages in the past decade.  A large majority of these homes and cabins are second homes, where the owner leaves it unoccupied for weeks or months at a time.  Damages from burst pipes have propelled the problem into the top ten of insurance claims.  With second home ownership growing at a rate of 9.3% each year, home owners and insurance companies are looking at ways to reduce claims related to frozen pipes, power outages and theft.

Control Products, Inc. of Chanhassen, Minnesota has developed the FreezeAlarm™ and miniAlarm™, a line of temperature monitoring and security products that automatically call up to three phone numbers when there is an emergency. All of the products are extremely afforable; require no installation, and no monthly fees. Best of all, they provide peace of mind to a growing group of second home owners.

FreezeAlarm™ is the #1 freeze protection device in the world.  The FreezeAlarm™ monitors the temperature and power status in an unoccupied home and calls out to warn the owner, neighbor or a relative of a low temperature alarm, a prolonged power outage or even if the back-up battery needs replacing. There is even a model that allows cabin owners the ability to turn up the heat before heading up for a winter weekend of fun. Home owners can call their second home and check the current temperature or power status from any phone in the world.

Control Product’s line of miniAlarms™ are compact, affordable security systems that can install in minutes and require no monthly fees. “Home security doesn’t need to be complex or expensive” says Chuck Guerin, Product Manager for Control Products. “The miniAlarm products are designed as simple, “no installation required” products for the unoccupied home.”

For more information about the FreezeAlarm™ and miniAlarm™, visit us on-line at or contact Control Products at 1-800-880-6000.  FreezeAlarms™ are available at our web site as well as your local heating contractor, Midwest Home Depot, Menards and Ace Hardware Stores.

Since 1985, Control Products has been designing and manufacturing innovative electronic products for both residential and commercial use. To learn more about Control Products, visit our corporate web site at or call us at 1-800-852-8244.