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South Carolina is home to southern hospitality and beautiful scenery, with Atlantic coastline, Piedmont hills, scenic lakes, and stunning waterfalls. Explore nature and more all in the Palmetto State.

There’s plenty to do in South Carolina. You can begin your explorations with a visit to one of the historic towns like Charleston, Columbia, or Greenville. Charleston has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1670 and was an important colonial trading center. The mixture of French, English, and African-American heritages has lent the city a unique culture that thrives today. Columbia, the state capital, is home to the University of South Carolina and many festivals throughout the year. The city is famous for its wide boulevards and parks. Greenville, located upstate, has a thriving art scene and was a center for railroads due to it’s proximity to several other southern cities. It’s also home to the only BMW manufacturing plant outside Germany!

The coastline of South Carolina offers many chances for great getaways. Myrtle Beach is the center of the Grand Strand, the area of coastal resorts with amusement parks, beachfront hotels, aquariums, and more for the whole family to do. It’s a popular destination, especially in spring and summer. Huntington Beach State Park is a reserve donated by a former resident and is an excellent spot for bird watching year round. Further south near Charleston, the coastline is full of resort islands, with Hilton Head Island being a world famous destination for its pristine beaches, like Port Royal and Singleton Beach. Coastal islands are perfect for day trips and finding quiet beaches to relax on.

The center of the state is filled with lakes and rivers, making South Carolina a destination for any water sports enthusiast, whether it’s boating, fishing, or water skiing. Lake Marion is the largest inland lake in the South and has over 300 miles of shoreline in the Santee Cooper Country. The land surrounding the lake is home to a wide variety of wildlife and plants and is a premier sporting site. Other adventures in the inland areas include the Olde English District, which has a rich Revolutionary War history. Visit antique stores, reenactments, and farmers’ markets. Pee Dee Country is named after the original Indian inhabitants, and was a center of cotton and tobacco farming. Thoroughbred Country is full of grand estates and resorts from the 19th Century, some of them built by America’s most famous families.

Upcountry are the best waterfalls and whitewater rapids in the region. Ride the “wild and free” Chattooga River for an exciting adventure. Visit one of over 30 waterfalls, many of them the highest in Eastern America. The low hills of the Piedmont offer breathtaking scenery and great hiking opportunities. South Carolina’s Botanical Garden is a 300-acre public garden and part of the state’s National Heritage Corridor. The Heritage Corridor is another great way to experience all of South Carolina’s culture. It’s 240 miles of true South Carolina!