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While many websites make a commission or require you to register to get contact information, we simply let you deal directly with owners, buyers and renters resulting in thousands of dollars of savings. also features many great articles and products that are valuable for second home owners and snowbirds.  The FreezeAlarm™, one of our advertisers, is a great example.  The FreezeAlarm™ plugs into a phone jack and automatically calls you upon furnace failure or power loss at your property while you are away. ( You may have a product or business you would like advertised on   You’re a click away from increasing your profits, click here to learn more.

We hope we have made easy to use as the first website you use for your property selling and renting needs.  The more folks using this site, the easier it will be for all of us to buy, sell, rent and trade units! Help me make this a success by e-mailing the web site address to your friends.

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